How Does Kapture Work

How do I get a saved recording to my smartphone?

After you tap twice to save, the previous minute is transferred automatically and wirelessly via Bluetooth.


Is the Kapture app compatible with my smartphone?

The Kapture app is available on iOS 7+ via the Apple App Store and on Android 4.3+ via the Google Play Store.


How do I know if my audio klip was saved?

After you tap twice to save, the device will vibrate when the file is successfully transferred to your smartphone. The short buzz is used to let you know everything went according to plan.


Can I save an audio klip if I don't have my smartphone handy?

The Kapture wristband allows for about 25 audio klips to be saved locally. Once your phone is back in range, tap the device twice again and all of the klips will download to the app via the Bluetooth connection.


Is my device recording while I save and transfer a file to my smartphone?

The Kapture wristband stops buffering audio during a file transfer to your smartphone. During this time period (45-90 seconds) you can not save a new audio klip.  Once the Bluetooth connection is finished the audio buffer automatically restarts and you can save with a double tap.


Is Kapture waterproof? Water-resistant?

The Kapture device is water-resistant. You can leave it on to wash their hands, but the product should not be submerged and should not be worn in the shower, swimming, or any time with prolonged exposure to water.

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